Zakaria Sadik

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Zakaria Sadik

Morocco Green Building Council – MGBC


AboutZakaria Sadik

Civil Engineering engineer with a specialization in energy and sustainability, Mr. Zakaria SADIK, is President of the Morocco Green Building Council, expert and referent in green building, he is also auditor in HQE, Green Kay, Iltizam Label and Energy Efficiency.

As part of its activities within the MGBC, Zakaria SADIK is in charge of promoting sustainable construction, monitoring sustainable construction indicators and transparency of the sector of Green Building certification in Morocco, training and diffusion of best practices knowledge, awareness raising, seminars and environmental studies.

As CEO of ALTO EKO, an ALTO engineering subsidiary in Africa, Zakaria assists several real estate and construction professionals in integrating environmental solutions into the building process. He has several references in his credit, as an example a Carbon Footprint of the COP22 and of the Taghazout Bay Station, HQE and LEED certifications of housing, schools and universities, offices, shopping centers and Industrial units.


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