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Oriol Vilaseca

Societe Macrocaine De Projets


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Dr. Oriol Vilaseca i Vidal was born in 1976 in (Barcelona), Spain. He deserves a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering another in Industrial Technical Engineering by the University Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona). After that he obtained a Master Degree in Health and Security, he is a Certified Environmental External Assessor and he has been certified as Project Manager for European Projects for the Project Management Institute (PMI). In 2012, he obtained the PhD Degree on Materials’ Science & Technology, by the University of Barcelona and the ICMAB-CSIC institution. He has contributed by means of oral or poster presentations to more than 30 international conferences; he has also published several articles in scientific journals.

In 2003, he enrolled in a national company as Junior Environmental Assessor for the reduction, reutilization and recycling of Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste in Spain. In 2006 he founded a Consulting and Engineering Company while being the Technical Director of a recognized Spanish Group specialized in civil and engineering works. In 2011 he cofounded and was named CEO of the Societe Marocaine de Projets in the emerging market of Morocco, for the management and execution of international investments, especially in the environmental, logistics and industrial sectors, as well as civil and engineering works.

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