Meet Serious Buyers In The Business Hub Of North Africa

The Big 5 Construct North Africa is the ideal platform to launch your business and find new customers in this growing region. North Africa has the resources and comparative advantage to position itself as the world’s next manufacturing market. The region is a magnet for international FDI’s. 

Held in Morocco – North Africa’s business hub, the event will bring together global manufactures to new buyers in North Africa. Countries with confirmed participation include Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, China, Egypt and more...

The latest addition to the largest portfolio of world-leading construction industry events in the Middle East and Africa, be part of this exceptional opportunity to network, learn and do business with the who's who of the North Africa construction world.

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  • Coatings, adhesives & sealants (232x195).jpg

    Coatings, adhesives & sealants

  • Concrete & related products (232x195).jpg

    Concrete & related products

  • Construction tools (232x195).jpg

    Construction tools

  • Elevators & escalators (232x195).jpg

    Elevators & escalators

  • Electrical systems (232x195).png

    Electrical systems

  • Facades, windows & doors (232x195).jpg

    Facades, windows & doors

  • Facilities management products & services (232x195).jpg

    Facilities management products & services

  • Fire detection & protection (232x195).jpg

    Fire detection & protection

  • Prefabricated buildings (232x195).jpg

    Prefabricated buildings

  • General building materials (232x195).jpg

    General building materials

  • Safety & security (232x195).jpg

    Safety & security

  • HVAC (232x195).jpg


  • Software & IT (232x195).png

    Software & IT

  • Solar energy (232x195).jpg

    Solar energy

  • Outdoor design & landscaping (232x195).jpg

    Outdoor design & landscaping

  • PMV & related products (232x195).jpg

    PMV & related products

  • Stairs & staircases (232x195).jpg

    Stairs & staircases

  • Steel (232x195).jpg


  • Water Technology (232x195).jpg

    Water technology



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